I am a Rotterdam (NL) based portrait and documentary photographer. 

My work is related to understanding the subjects life story and their environment. Changes in life, processing emotions or relationships are important recurring themes. I try to explore the positioning of the person portrayed, but also of myself as a photographer. 

My project 'Under the Same Sun' is supported by Stichting Stokroos and Mondriaan Fonds.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or want to collaborate.


2012 - 2013               University of Amsterdam - Propedeutics of Journalism 
2014 - 2018              University of Applied Photography – Bachelor of Arts
              2020               Masterclass Bieke Depoorter hosted by Fotofilmic


2017 – 2018            Dana Lixenberg - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Selected Exhibitions 

2019                            Museum Kranenburgh - ''3 generaties vrouwen'' - Bergen, Netherlands (group exhibition)
2019                            FotoFestival Naarden - ''Those Moments In Between'' - Grote Kerk, Naarden Vesting, Netherlands (group exhibition)
2019                            Pica Pica - ''Those Moments In Between'' - SLA Rotterdam, Netherlands (solo exhibition)
2018                            GUP - ''New Dutch Photography Talent''- Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam, Netherlands (group exhibition)
2018                            Epilogue - ''Those Moments in Between'' - Las Palmas, Rotterdam, Netherlands (group exhibition)
2017                            HOST - ''Matthias'' - Amersfoort, Netherlands (group exhibition)

Selected Publications 

2021                           British Journal of Photography – ''Portrait of Humanity 2021''
2020                          SHUTR magazine - ''Werk in Uitvoering: Millennial project''
2019                           NRC - ''Onalledaagse beelden van leven in de stad''
2019                           Hollandse Beelden - ''Moeders en Dochters voor de Kracht van Rotterdam''
2019                           OPEN Rotterdam - ''Dove en slechthorende dochter gefotografeerd voor bijzonder project''
2019                           Dutch Design Daily- ''Those Moments in Between''
2019                           Libelle Magazine -''3 generaties vrouwen''
2019                           Focus Magazine -''Nominaties bekend SO Award''
2019                           Adformatie - ''SO award genomineerden''
2018                           Pf Magazine - ''Strijd tegen psychische problemen''
2018                           Gers Magazine - ''Sanne Romeijn over jongvolwassenen in de politiek''
2017                           Vakblad C -''Natuurmonumenten''

Awards - Nominations

2019                            Rabobank Dutch Photographic Portrait Prize 2019 (longlist)
2019                            SO Student Award (shortlist)
2019                            De Kracht van Rotterdam 2019 (shortlist)
2018                            Keep An Eye Award 2018 (shortlist)
2018                            Rabobank Dutch Photographic Portrait Talent 2018 (longlist)
2018                            GUP New Dutch Photography Talent

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