Sanne (1993) is born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She got her bachelor in Photography in 2018 and works from her studio  in Rotterdam-Overschie. Visit her studio virtually via Kunstambassade.

Sanne learns the most of her surroundings when she has a camera in her hands. Her work embodies a deeply personal and observational nature. Her photos show an intimate connection to her subjects, unveiling the essence of everyday life, the ordinary, the struggles and the vulnerability of those captured through her lens. Sanne invests considerable time with her subjects, fostering a bond of trust that enables her to draw nearer, both physically and emotionally. 

Her practice is split between personal projects and editorial & commercial assignments.

Her project 'Under the Same Sun' is supported by Stichting StokroosPictoright and Mondriaan Fonds.

Sanne is available for commercial and editorial commissions. Feel free to send a message.


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